IM is a Swedish development cooperation organisation working to achieve a world free from poverty and exclusion.
We are working in the following areas:

Social inclusion

All individuals should have the right to be an equal member of society, with the same human rights regardless of gender, disabilities and social status.

Economic inclusion

Everyone deserves to be in control of their own economic life and have the possibility to earn their own income, own land and afford an education.

Civil society and civic space

The civil society plays an important part in a democratic society. It represents and defends marginalized groups while raising awareness.


That’s enough now!

Every day we are fed new pictures from Gaza. No access to food. No access to medicine. Scarce access to water. Even more devastation. Home in ruins. Schools in ruins. Hospital in ruins. I’m starting to…

Dec 6, 2023

On foot to save lives

Our partner in Gaza, the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS), persistently continues its work to reach out with emergency and medical care to the most vulnerable in the war zone. PMRS is the largest medical organization…

Nov 29, 2023

We uphold the values of human rights and dignity

There is absolutely no justification for the killing of civilians, this obviously applies to both sides of the conflict. What is most urgent right now is cease fire, to stop the disproportionate actions from the Israeli…

Nov 14, 2023

Humanium Metal by IM

Humanium Metal is transforming illegal seized firearms from governmental weapons destruction programmes in regions affected by armed violence into non-lethal commodities for peace. The income generated with Humanium Metal is re-invested into communities affected by gun violence, aiming to break the vicious cycle of violence and poverty. Through the initiative the private sector, right-holders, civil society, consumers and governments are connected in a virtuous cycle for peace and security.

Where we are

IM collaborates with partners in fourteen countries in six areas of the world. Here you will find more information about our work in all countries.