Uprising in Swaziland brutally crushed

The anger against Mswati has grown for several years. The king has acted cold-hearted to the demands for democratic reforms made during the protests. What also angers the people is the king’s use of the state…

Jul 7, 2021

Anders Kompass proposed as new chairman of IM

Anders Kompass has worked with development issues and human rights for almost 40 years, both in civil society, the UN system and as a diplomat. He has mediated between the government and the guerrilla in El…

Mar 26, 2021

’Case Manuela’ might change the legislation

Like many other poor women in rural El Salvador, Manuela lacked education. Her life was just hard work and she married early. She gave birth to two children at home because she lacked access to maternity…

Mar 9, 2021