We fight poverty and exclusion

IM is a development organisation that fights for a humane world free from poverty and exclusion. Together with partners, we work for equal and democratic societies where everyone can enjoy their rights and where no one is left behind. We are convinced that people can create change on their own if they have the right conditions. Our work takes place at all levels in society to create socially, economically and climate-sustainable solutions. The work also aims to meet several of the Global Goals for sustainable development.


How we work

Partner collaborations form the basis for IM’s work. When we are on site and cooperate with local actors in our operating countries, our work can be based on people’s own conditions and rights.

Development cooperation

At the global level, IM works with long-term development cooperation with the aim of combating poverty and exclusion. This is done, among other things, by strengthening people both economically and socially, but also by working for strong civil societies where people can make their voices heard.



In Sweden, IM works for human rights with a special focus on integration. Our goal is for people who are new to Sweden to be able to be included in society, both socially and economically and without being met by racism or discrimination. We also work for a more friendly social climate based on understanding and respect.