Development cooperation

IM fights poverty and exclusion globally through long-term development cooperation. We contribute to lasting change for individuals in particularly vulnerable situations. We do this through working for social and economic inclusion and by giving the right holders the opportunity to raise their voices. We believe a strong civil presence is the key for a democratic society. All projects are implemented in close collaboration with local partner organisations.


Economic inclusion

Economic inclusion is about giving marginalized groups the means to be in control of their own economic life and helping them improve their economic situation while at the same time improve their status.

Social inclusion

Social inclusion is the right to participate and be given an opportunity to be an equal member of a society and is based on the universal right not to be discriminated or left behind.

Civil society and civic space

We promote the development of a strong democratic civil society in order to strengthen individuals living in vulnerable situations, so that they can participate in and influence their society.

Where we are

IM cooperates with partners in fifteen countries in six areas of the world. Here you find more information about where we operate.