Partner ecosystem

Partnerships form the basis of IM’s work. When we are on site and collaborate with local actors in our countries of operation, our work can be based on the population’s own conditions and rights.

Out in the world, IM works long-term together with local partners to create sustainable change both for people and for entire societies. We are convinced that local organizations are the best at finding good ways to work in their own countries, and we want to ensure that the work has a strong local anchoring and can be carried on without IM in the long run.

In Sweden, we have operations run by our local chapters and partners around the country. IM wants to be a support to all people in Sweden who want to get involved for a humane world.

We describe our collaborations as an ecosystem of partners, where everyone has different roles. The ecosystem is built upon all the organizations that we support in various ways, with money and other resources. But there are also other actors that we discuss with and also sometimes coordinate with. IM is an equal part of the ecosystem.