Partners Moldova

Parinti Solidari
Established by an initiative group that met online in social media groups, Parinti Solidari was born out of a strong desire to change how things were going in the educational establishments of the Republic of Moldova in the early 2010s. The idea of parents’ solidarity as a way to oppose the pressures of a corrupted educational system was groundbreaking at that time and still is. The organisation has appeared at the very end of 2017 and is very active on social media. Parinti Solidari became the voice of those parents who are looking for justice for them and for their children.

Center Partnership for Development
Center Partnership for Development, CPD is a documentation, information and training center for NGOs and initiative groups in the gender equality and women’s rights area. CPD advocates for the implementation of the concept of gender equality in all areas of life. CPD has been a partner to IM since 2019.

Keystone is a partner of IM since 2014. The organization promotes inclusive participation in the society for people with disabilities. This is done through self-advocacy and the empowerment of people with disabilities and their families.

Alliance of Organizations for Persons with Disabilities
The Alliance of Organizations for Persons with Disabilities, AOPD is a civil society organization which consists of 41 member organizations working in the field of disability and operating at national and local levels.

Youth Media Centre
YMC is a media organization that informs and educates the public, contributing to positive social values and behaviours in order to fight discrimination and promoting non-violence.

The Federation of Associations in the Autism Field 
The Federation of Associations in the Autism Field, FEDRA is an alliance of at least 20 Moldovan CSOs, parents-based and professional organizations fighting for the rights of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Motivatie promotes and implements a support program for vulnerable persons, including persons with disabilities, called Supported Employment. Through the program, people with disabilities and other vulnerable young people are enabled to achieve sustainable long-term employment on the open labour market, and companies and businesses are motivated to employ valuable workers. Motivatie is active in advocacy at national level and participates in policy development.

CDPD (locally known as CDPD) is an organization founded by persons with disabilities. The organization aims to: produce positive changes in the lives of people with disabilities, promote and protect their rights and to promote social inclusion. CDPD works through monitoring, advocacy and development programs.

Eco-Razeni is an NGO that works in the field of social inclusion of marginalised youth, participation, community development and social entrepreneurship. Eco-Razeni is pioneering the first catering Social Enterprise in Moldova which provides training and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities and from marginalized groups from rural areas. Moreover, this social enterprise is supporting 24 elderly people living alone in Razeni village by providing free hot meals.

Woman and Child Protection and Support
Woman and Child Protection and Support, WCPS is an NGO consisting of a team that works nationwide, with a special focus on the Criuleni and Dubasari regions. The areas of influence are: inclusive education, job inclusion, public policies and advocacy, community facilitation and sustainable development. Target groups are persons with intellectual disabilities and vulnerable groups.

Voinicel is a NGO consisting of a team of specialists. They run a centre for early intervention services as well as do advocacy and lobby for the right to early intervention rehabilitation for children with disabilities and support to their families. Voinicel promotes early intervention services at national level and acts as an expertise team for others (state institutions, parents and NGOs) who are learning about early intervention services. IM supports Voinicel since 2015.

EcoVisio is a grassroot’s NGO that runs educational and empowerment programs, bring together key actors and foster ecological and social innovation. They promote active citizenship, environmental and economic resilience, social entrepreneurship and rural development by nurturing a growing community of change makers in Moldova.