Ukraine is today facing issues regarding weak capacity of the civil society and of right holders, for example people with disabilities, being excluded from the society. Ukraine’s era as a post-communist democracy is relatively new and accountability remains weak through all levels of society. This creates a cycle of poverty and exclusion that IM, together with partner organizations, aims to tackle.

Ukraine is a new country of work for IM. The country is torn by the war in the East, and that takes priority before social and economic development. Also, main donor assistance is concentrated in the war areas and there is also the issue of internally displaced people.

In 2019 IM initiated partnerships with two NGOs from the Chernivtsi region; Zahyst and UNH (Ukranian National House Chernovtsy). Read more about all partners.

The Chernivtsi region was chosen provided its proximity to the border with Moldova, the naturally existing ties between people and organizations from this region and from Moldova, as well as the substantial added value which IM can make in the development of this region (also possibility to influence national policies from below).

Currently the Chernivtsi civil society does not receive much of donor support. Also, the city of Chernivtsi has a rich history of civil society development and of local partnerships, which is an inspiration to the Moldovan partners.

Zahyst is an NGO who promotes the rights of persons with disabilities and their community inclusion. UNH promotes participation and community development. IM will provide support for organizational development, as well as for promoting the rights of persons with disabilities and advancing civic participation in the region of Chernivtsi.

During the next years IM plans to extend the number of partners in Ukraine. All Ukrainian partners are part of a joint partner eco-system in the region and there is an on-going active sharing of experiences and best practices between CSOs from the three countries (Ukraine, Moldova and Romania).

For instance, partners in Chernivtsi are eager to learn about Moldovan practices in the area of educational inclusion of persons with disabilities, while Moldovan organizations are interested in the good partnership practices established between civil society and regional and local authorities in Chernivtsi.

Fights for inclusion

IM’s partner Zahyst is one of the civil society organizations that works to create accessible and inclusive communities for children and adults with disabilities. The picture shows people participating in Zahyst’s activities. Photo: Zahyst

IM's operations in Ukraine

In 2018, IM began collaborations with partners in Ukraine. The aim is to increase the opportunity to create societal change in Eastern Europe by linking partners in regional networks.