IM has been active in Jordan since the 1960’s, collaborating with organizations and networks working to increase the opportunities for women, young people and people with disabilities to assert their economic, social and political rights. Furthermore, IM works, together with national civil society organizations, for ensured civic space and a strong civil society on all levels.

The organizations and networks that IM collaborates with in Jordan mobilise people to assert their rights. Rights holders, activists and organizations can strengthen each other and raise their voices for a more open society with respect for human rights.

With knowledge and networks, people can change the lives of individual as well as attitudes in society. The more people who engage, the greater the power there is to influence decision makers and challenge prevailing prejudices and norms about vulnerable groups.

Women and persons with disabilities are severely affected by discriminatory laws, prejudices and conservative ideas about social and gender roles.

By highlighting and changing the causes of the unfair structures, IM’s partner organizations can both support individuals to assert their rights in the Jordanian society and influence the authorities and the legislation.

IM sees partnership with, and strengthening of, local organizations as the starting point for creating sustainable change where everyone can live a life of dignity. Together with our partners we also work to raise the understanding of concepts related to environment, gender and conflict sensitivity.

Increased self-confidence

Mozeh Fraihat in Jordan says that IM’s partner organization Arab Women Organization has empowered her and given her the self-confidence to create change.