Today, Palestinian youth comprise approximately 33 percent of the total population. As a result of Israel’s longstanding occupation, internal divisions and societal norms, the reality of life for youth is beset by oppression, violence and deprivation. IM seeks to meet these challenges by empowering young people to become agents of change and thus build a strong civil society where everyone is socially and economically included.

Despite being such a large group, Palestinian youth are marginalised, with little opportunity to influence society and to realise their dreams. The long-standing conflict in the area, the poverty and the lack of a functioning democracy have made civil society weak and young people’s confidence in decision maker is low. But despite these hardships, young women and young men exhibit a resilience, commitment and drive and youth have consistently been drivers of radical change in Palestinian society.

In recognition of the specific nature of youth issues, and the interconnection between these issues and the overall political, economic and social challenges faced by Palestinian society, IM and other national, regional and international organisations have noted that youth issues must be placed centrally on their agendas.

IM therefore supports organisations in Palestine that work to empower and mobilise young people so that they can claim their right to social and economic inclusion, and civic participation and participate in and influence the decisions that are made. IM is also working to strengthen the rights and the economic power of young people. With increased financial empowerment, self-confidence and knowledge, young women and men can influence society and their own lives.

Many laws constrain Palestinian citizens’ political participation and activism. These laws make it almost impossible for Palestinian parties, NGOs and activists to freely express their opinion. IM is working to counteract this by strengthening civil society organizations in order for them to work more strategically, maintain sustainability and become stronger changemakers in the Palestinian society. Gender, environment and conflict sensitivity are mainstreamed throughout the operations.

Democracy and human rights

In Palestine IM works with partner to promote democracy and human rights.