IM joins hand with The Swedish Embassy and Martha Farrell Foundation (MFF) in India to implement the GlobalGuyTalk pilot project. In line with the objectives of countering gender-based violence through engaging with men and boys, Martha Farrell Foundation is hosting powerful conversations on masculinity norms, vulnerability, love, friendship, and other topics covered under the #GlobalGuyTalk manual with and for stakeholders from the Making Workplaces Safe programme, as well as that of the Flagship ‘Kadam Badhate Chalo’ programme. This include conversations with men and boys in two groups:

  • Men between the ages of 18-35, under the aegis of the ‘Making Workplaces Safe’ program— where men working in various sectors including corporates, government institutions, as well as civil society organisations join. In addition to this, young men in higher education spaces will also be a part of these conversations, under MFF’s ‘Safe Campuses’ project, in partnership with the Association of Indian Universities
  • Boys between the ages of 13-18, who are a part of the Kadam Badhate Chalo Program

MFF’s facilitation methodologies are participatory, using game-based and activity-based methods to help men and boys understand complex and deep-rooted gender biases. These conversations will thus be hosted using participatory methodologies, initially started end of August, 2022, for a five-month pilot project.

IM, The Swedish Embassy in Delhi and Martha Farrell Foundation signing a tripartite contract on the #GobalGuyTalk. (Jonatan Klum Stelander from Sweden Embassy, Maria Kempe from IM South Asia and Nandita Bhatt, Bindu Baby and Yogita Hiranandan from Martha Farrell Foundation.)