Impact of 'Linking Relief, Rehabilitation and Long Term Development (LRRD) Project' In Nepal

This report presents findings of an impact study commissioned by IM Swedish Development Partner with the aim to capture and analyse evidences around changes in the livelihoods and wellbeing of the targeted right holders in Nepal’s Ajirkot Rural Municipality in Gorkha District attributable to “Linking Relief, Rehabilitation and Longer Term Development- LRRD Project” implemented in the area over the period July, 2015-December, 2020.

The Project was conceived soon after devastating Nepal Earthquake in April 2015, initially to provide humanitarian relief and rehabilitation support and later expanded to contribute in reconstructing and developing social and economic opportunities to produce transformative changes. The project was implemented by IM partner MADE – Nepal.

The crop (vegetable and cash crop), livestock (goat rearing), skill enterprise (handmade Dhaka fabric making) and skill for employment based livelihood development supported under the project were found to have produced improvements in the productivity and income opportunity of targeted right holder in significant ways.

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