Regional partners Southern Africa

Justice for Children Trust
Justice for Children Trust JCT, is a local non-governmental organization that works to improve access to education for the marginalized boys and girls in Harare and Mutare. JCT is working with women, girls, community structures and other stakeholders to create an environment that is free from violence, where women and girls are respected and accorded the necessary gendered support to achieve their lifelong goals.

JCT is also our local partner i Zimbabwe.

Rozaria Memorial Trust
Rozaria Memorial Trust RMT, is a non-profit making organization that supports innovative initiatives that promote education, health and entrepreneurship for women and young people in rural communities. RMT provides a platform for the voices of women and children in rural communities to shape local, national and global policies.

The Non-governmental Gender Organizations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC)
The Non-governmental Gender Organizations’ Coordinating Council NGOCC, is an umbrella network for NGOs and Community Based Organizations in Zambia. The organization is active in championing women’s empowerment, gender equity and equality. In over 30 years of its existence, NGOCC has grown to be the focal point of the women’s movement in Zambia, with a total membership of 97 organizations spread in all the 10 provinces of Zambia and covering 58 districts.

NGOCC is also our local partner i Zambia.

Women’s Legal Resources Centre
IM is also working with the Women’s Legal Resources Centre, WOLREC, a women’s rights NGO that facilitates increased access to justice for women and girls in Malawi.

WOLREC is also our local partner i Malawi.