In recent years Zimbabwe has experienced significant economic decline, which has led to rising levels of poverty and unemployment. Over 70 percent of the population live in deep poverty, and inflation, rising fuel prices, water shortages and power cuts are making life hard for the citizens. IM, together with partners, work to ensure the inclusive civic space in Zimbabwe and to make sure that rights holders suffer no harm offering alternative voices to solutions and standing up for their rights.

Human rights violations are widespread and are worsened by a general lack of knowledge amongst rights holders and duty bearers regarding both international rights standards and the national constitution. Enforcement of laws protecting human rights remains weak.

Lack of transparency, accountability and poor governance are also root causes of deepening rights’ violations.  IM and partners continue strategically tackling these problems. We strengthen the power of our partners to organize, mobilize and take collective responsibility action.

Besides strengthening the civic society and ensuring civic space in Zimbabwe, IM works with the following specific objectives:

  •  Children’s right to education – through the interventions of our partners in Zimbabwe, access to primary and secondary education for girls, orphans and vulnerable children has improved over the years, with some girls that dropped out of school getting readmitted and many vulnerable children staying on in school. IM works with partners to ensure that children have birth certificates – a prerequisite for further education, jobs and access to societal rights.
  • Economic and social empowerment of women – women are empowered to gain access and control of financial resources, business skills and self-confidence through income generating projects. A significant number of women has benefited from sustainable livelihood project interventions.
  • Empowering people with disabilities – IM works to empower people and families with disabilities making them able to claim their rights and their place in society.

Here you can read about IM’s partners in Zimbabwe.

Tadiwa got out of child marriage

Tadiwa got married as child and was left by her husband alone with a child. With the support of IM’s partner Rozari Memorial Trust she got back to school and is now a mentor for a young girl. Today she is an advocate against child marriages and she has given speaches on international conferences in Zambia and Ethiopia.