Partners Zimbabwe

Chengeto Zimbabwe Trust
Chengeto Zimbabwe Trust (CZT), is a media lobbying and advocacy organization that work through radio broadcasts, studio and community outside broadcasting. Through these platforms the organization challenges the status quo regarding the subjugated position of Zimbabwean girls and women.

The Community Organization for Poverty Alleviation in Zimbabwe
The Community Organization for Poverty Alleviation in Zimbabwe, COPAZ is a local organization operating in Manicaland province in Chipinge district, in Wards 17 and 18. COPAZ is empowering marginalized and vulnerable children, youths and women to claim their rights from duty bearers, through advocating for social and economic inclusion.

Deaf Zimbabwe Trust
Deaf Zimbabwe Trust DZT, promotes the transformation and empowerment of deaf and hard of hearing people, especially children, for independent living through provision of education, changing societal attitudes through awareness raising and advocacy, service provision and sustainable initiatives.

Just Associates, Inc.
Just Associates, Inc. JASS, is a non-profit organization that is working to promote social justice, gender equity and human rights among women. JASS Southern Africa is strengthening and leveraging the political analysis, leadership, connections and collective citizen power of Zimbabwean women and organizations. It is focusing on helping them become an organized voice in their communities on issues such as access to social services and raising awareness on the link between violence against women and women’s access to social services and resources.

Justice for Children Trust
Justice for Children Trust JCT, is a local non-governmental organization that works to improve access to education for the marginalized boys and girls in Harare and Mutare. JCT is working with women, girls, community structures and other stakeholders to create an environment that is free from violence, where women and girls are respected and accorded the necessary gendered support to achieve their lifelong goals. It is also premised on ensuring universal and constitutional rights to education for marginalized children; and strengthening economic rights for women.

JCT is also one of our Southern Africa Regional Partners.

Simukai Child Protection
Simukai Child Protection Programme is a local non-governmental organization that works to enhance child protection through the realization and protection of child rights. The organization works in the education thematic area. The organization is promoting access to inclusive education for marginalized children, out of school youths, as well as children with disabilities; and building capacity and awareness among rights holders, about their rights in Mutare (Dora) and Makoni North (Mayo) in Manicaland province.